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Terms & Conditions

   Please read the terms and conditions carefully before placing an order on our website. Your use of this website or your request from it is your acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned below. Please also refer to the Privacy Policy regarding the personal information that you provide to us.
OOPS SHOES is not obligated to provide advance notice to make amendments to the terms and conditions, and in the event of any amendment to these provisions, the modifications shall be applied to all orders that are placed and confirmed after the amendment is made. As for the orders that were confirmed before the amendment was made, they will not be covered by it.

Liability Limits
  OOPS SHOES is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of one of the products offered to us, the inability to use it, or the performance of these products, even if it has reported the possibility of such damages. The applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so it does not necessarily include as the limitations of liability mentioned above or their exclusions.

Typographical Errors
 Although OOPS SHOES is keen to provide accurate information about products and their prices, the possibility of some typos may occur. We will only be able to verify the price of the product when ordering from the OOPS SHOES website after placing the order. In the event that a product is offered at a price or wrong information, OOPS SHOES has the right to refuse or cancel the orders on this product as it deems appropriate. In the event that there is a mistake in the pricing of one of the products you have ordered, it is possible that OOPS SHOES, based on what it deems appropriate, may contact you to find out whether you want to continue with this order after making an adjustment to its price or canceling the order and informing you of that.

Revocation Process
  If you browse the website and / or complete the registration process or shop on it, you are bound by the terms and conditions mentioned here. OOPS SHOES may revoke these terms and conditions or some of them at any time for any reason without prior notice. The revocation of some or some of these terms will not affect both the rights and obligations towards the parties that have been agreed upon before the date of revocation.

Use of The Site
  It is strictly forbidden to use obscene or offensive language or any kind of abuse through our website or the services it provides to its visitors, such as e-mail and live chat. It is also prohibited to impersonate others, including OOPS SHOES employees, hosts, website representatives, or any other member or visitor. It is also prohibited through our website to download, distribute or publish any obscene or offensive content or that infringes individuals' rights or public rights, threats, defamation, slander, or any illegal or inflammatory content that incites a felony or violates the rights of any of the parties or those who That would lead to violating any law. It is also prohibited to upload any marketing content to the site or to use the site to urge others to join any Internet marketing service or any organizations other than OOPS SHOES.

  Because we are keen to provide as much as possible to our site visitors, it is possible for the OOPS SHOES website to link to other sites that are managed by a third party. But even if these parties are related to OOPS SHOES, OOPS SHOES does not have any authority over them, as each of these sites has its own methods, independent of OOPS SHOES, in collecting information and privacy policies.

OOPS SHOES's site aims through its association with these sites to make it easier for its customers and reduce the possibility of them falling into any risks, but it also aspires to protect the credibility of its site and the sites linked to it, so linking with these sites requires us to pay attention to the notes that we receive not only about OOPS SHOES's site, but also about the sites linked to it. (Including that a specific site does not work).

Pricing in Different Currencies
  The products displayed on the OOPS SHOES website are priced based on their value in Saudi riyals. Therefore, the prices available in other currencies are the rates that have been converted from the Saudi Riyal using the latest currency exchange rates when placing the order. As a result of the continuous fluctuation in the value of currencies, the prices that appear in currencies other than the Saudi riyal on the site, other than the price on the product page, are not necessarily the final prices. The parts of the site that may contain inaccurate prices in other currencies include site advertisements, information that appears on product category pages, and more. However, the price that appears on the product page is the price of the item only. Third-party fees and costs are not included, such as customs clearance and customs fees, payment processing, and shipping fees, if any.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions Governing This Agreement:
These terms and conditions represent the final and final agreement between the parties, and accordingly, OOPS SHOES is not bound by any modifications or changes or any new terms and conditions that are added to what is mentioned here unless they are written, signed and approved by a person authorized by our website. Also, any amendments made by the store to the provisions for shipping products will not be approved after the buyer receives them or requests the shipment or any similar process that contains additional printed terms and conditions for the provisions agreed upon or inconsistent with them.

If a competent court rules that one of these terms or conditions is invalid, this will not affect the other terms and conditions mentioned here and agreed upon.

Acceptance of Requests:
All orders are subject to verification of the price written by an authorized employee of our website unless a fixed price is agreed upon for a specific period. The OOPS SHOES invoice only contains what you have to pay to OOPS SHOES and does not include any other costs that are paid to other parties, such as customs and value added to shipping companies, for example.

Website reserves the right to replace the product with another product of the same type, quality and function without prior notice. Therefore, if the buyer does not wish to receive an alternative product, he must declare that he does not wish to do so when he inquires about the price, if the process requires a prior inquiry about the price, or he specifies that when placing his order on our website.

The price that is evaluated, including any shipping costs, remains in effect for 10 days unless it is agreed not to change it through a written agreement at the requested price or a documented acceptance of the sale process by an employee authorized by our website. It is possible for our website to cancel the fixed price that was agreed upon for a certain period if it was not written or sent to the buyer before the store obtains a written acceptance of the price.

All prices are evaluated based on the use of air transportation in the delivery process, and our website reserves the right to cancel orders in case the selling prices determined based on government laws are lower than the prices we have evaluated.

Our website will determine the method and delivery company based on what it deems appropriate, unless agreed otherwise. In either case, the store will not be responsible for any delays or excessive shipping costs that may arise as a result of this choice.

Our website will adhere to the basic limit of the necessary packaging specifications based on the shipping method that has been chosen unless otherwise agreed upon. Any costs for special packing, loading, or any kind of special care performed at the request of the buyer are covered by the buyer himself. The buyer shall also pay the costs of packaging and shipping any equipment of his own.

Payment Terms:
Discounts apply to the invoice value of the goods only and not to taxes and air freight costs. Our website reserves the right to request payment of the price of the goods in advance or payment of a guarantee if the financial situation of the buyer so requires. If the buyer does not comply with the payment as agreed upon here or in any additional agreements or does not abide by any of the other agreed upon terms, then our website has the right to cancel any unshipped payments from the order, and the buyer remains responsible and claiming all the payments that he has not yet paid.

Clearance, Customs Duties and Licenses (Import / Export):
Our prices do not include clearance, customs duties, taxes or any other third-party fees, so the buyer must pay the fees for the invoices attached to the order.

You understand when completing your order and agreeing to the terms of use of the site, you agree to pay the fees incurred by the third party on your order, if any, before or when your order is delivered through the shipping company.

We May Need The ID Card !!

Our clients inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

- Shipping companies ask us at some times to provide us with the ID number and your full name to ensure a smooth customs declaration and delivery of your order as soon as possible.

- Most of the time, the request for ID card to complete the customs clearance procedures is if the shipment value is 1000 Saudi riyals or more.

- Among the documents that we accept: the name and number of the national identity, the name and number of the passport or your name and your number in any government document that issues proof of residency in that country.

- Please note that the name on the ID must match the name used to make the request.

- For more information, you can visit this link for the website Saudi Arabia Customs.

Ownership and Risk of Loss:
It is assumed that the delivery of the goods to the shipping company, which in turn delivers the shipment to the buyer, and therefore OOPS SHOES is not responsible for any risks of loss or damage that occur on the goods after delivery to the shipping company, but these risks fall within the responsibility of the buyer. Any claim related to any damage to the goods during shipment or delivery shall be directed to the shipping company directly. Any claims by the buyer on our website due to any deficiency or damages that occurred before the shipment was delivered to the shipping company must be directed to us in writing within two days of receiving the shipment attached to the original shipping invoice signed by the shipping company and a note from the shipping company to make sure that it received the goods from our store In the alleged case. Regardless of the transportation risks that the buyer can face, the right of ownership of the goods sold under this clause remains with our website until the agreed amount is fully paid in cash or electronically and includes the payment of deferred bonds documented in notes or others, interest, transportation costs, and lawyers ’fees. The buyer is obligated to do all that is necessary to preserve the right and ownership of the website.

Cancel Orders:
Cancellation of orders on our website may occur in the event that any of the following things happen that are beyond our control: 

- Verify the order - the recipient's data given is incorrect: If the recipient's information is incorrect or the registered recipient's phone number is incorrect, we will have difficulty communicating with the person who is intended to receive the order.

- Repeat order: In the event that there is a duplicate order in the same period of time, our team will ask for confirmation from you on the second order, otherwise we will initiate and cancel it. Please note - when we are unable to contact you, it will be canceled automatically. You will receive an email to let you know.

- Order Status (In Progress) (Completed - Payment Failed) - Payment Process Pending: This does not usually happen, however, some transactions may be kept by the payment system in case there is any problem. In such cases, the order will not be completed without the ID details (ID card / passport holder). The name in the ID must match the name of the cardholder in order for us to complete the order.

- The product was not available from the supplier: The product you purchased did not reach us from the supplier on time, or in some cases the product may have been sold out or its price changed during the completion of your purchase process, and in this case OOPS SHOES will refund the full amount to you as you wish, either as a balance in your account on our website you can use it for purchases on our website or refund the amount to you through the payment method that was made on our website.

- We on OOPS SHOES take care to ensure that everything in your order is in perfect condition before it is dispatched to you.

So sometimes, the product or size you bought may be the last piece in our warehouse, and during the regular quality check on the ordered products, it does not go beyond this stage as it is not at the required level that we want to send you, so it is canceled, and in this case OOPS SHOES will refund the full amount to you according to your desire, either as a balance in your account on our website, which you can use for purchases on our website or refund the amount to you through the payment method that was made on our website.

* In all cases, you will be contacted either by calling you through the mobile number or by your e-mail registered with us, so please check our updates to the e-mail sent to you, because it will include the latest information about your order and the refunded amount wherever it was applied / returned.

Goods return / Exchange:
- In the event that the buyer is no longer interested in the product he requested and wants to cancel it immediately before starting the shipping process, the full amount will be refunded as a balance in his account with OOPS SHOES's website without deducting the shipping costs from the buyer, but it has to be submit request a Product Returns immediately before starting the procedures for shipping the product, in addition to writing to us on ( Clarifying the order number to be returned or contact us through the page Contact Us

 - Products can be replaced if it is proven that they had a problem before they are delivered to the shipping company and sent to the buyer, within only one day after receiving the order, with the same products and sizes that were previously approved by the buyer, on condition that the product inspection seal and labels (papers and cards) related products are not removed or destroyed.

 - In the event that the buyer no longer wants or is not satisfied with the product he requested and wishes to return it or replace it with a different product or replace the size of the product he requested and the procedures for shipping the product to him have been initiated, the buyer bears the cost of air freight (to and from) for the goods returned to our warehouse in addition to customs clearance fees and taxes, done with a deduction of 30% of the total value of the product plus $40, and the remaining amount is returned to the buyer as a balance in his\her account on our website can be used for future purchases on our website.

* To submit a Product Returns, please ensure the goods are safe and not damaged within the "return / exchange" conditions. Return and Exchange Policy.

Delay in Delivery of The Orders:
OOPS SHOES does its best to be the fastest store in terms of delivering the goods to the buyer, and the buyer has the right to cancel the order in the event of a delay in delivery, but he is not entitled to recover the amount, but the sums paid from him are transferred to his balance in his account on our website within conditions Return policy (Returning the goods / and replacing them), but it may sometimes encounter obstacles on the one hand: the factories that OOPS SHOES deals with, such as: the class of the required goods will run out and be executed within 5 working days, if the mentioned period ends and the factory does not deliver the goods to us, it will be Communicate with the buyer whether he wishes to wait for the product or cancel the order or exchange.

Force Majeure / Uncontrollable Circumstances:
Our website is not responsible for any failure or failure to carry out its duties resulting directly or indirectly from force majeure circumstances that cannot be controlled, such as: buyer's actions, military or civil authorities, including wage and price controls, fires, wars, riots and rebellions, and delay in the process shipping, and the inability to provide the raw materials necessary to complete the work, such as: energy sources, basic components, manpower, fuel and supplies, or any other circumstances outside the control of the store, whether they are identical or not identical to what was mentioned previously. In the event that some quantities are affected and others remain the same, the store will exclude the affected quantities without assuming responsibility, but the agreement remains as it is. At any time when the store is exposed to a shortage of supplies for any of the reasons mentioned previously, the store has the right to distribute its sources and raw materials among the group of beneficiaries in any way the store deems fair and logical. The store also does not bear any responsibility for special or consequential damages resulting from the delay in the event of any of the previously mentioned circumstances.

Lawyer's Charge:
In the event that a lawsuit is filed against the buyer to obtain the price of the purchased goods or any unpaid value or any breach of the terms and conditions agreed upon by him, the buyer must pay a reasonable compensation for the attorneys ’fees in addition to any compensation recognized by the court for any other damages caused.

The Responsibility:
Once OOPS SHOES accepts the purchase order, it is not obligated or liable for any damages or injuries resulting from using the product alone or with another group of products. Our website will not be responsible for any errors in the weight or the delivered quantity unless the buyer communicates with us within two days from the date of arrival of the shipment and attaches the original shipping invoice signed by the shipping company and has a note indicating that the shipping company received the goods from our website in this case. If the buyer communicates with our website and it becomes clear that our website bears responsibility for the error, our website will either ship the missing quantity from the order or compensate the buyer for the value of the missing goods as he\she deems appropriate.

We guarantee to the buyer that all our products are free from any defects in materials and workmanship and that they are manufactured according to the required industry standards. Therefore, it is not possible to waive the guarantee mentioned here, and it replaces and excludes all other guarantees not mentioned here, including the mentioned and implied guarantees through the application of the law or any other guarantees, such as any guarantees for the ability or efficiency of the product. No agent, employee, or representative of the store has any authority to bind our store to any representation, confirmation or warranty of the goods. None of these representations, representations and warranties will be considered as part of this agreement and accordingly they are void. In the event that there is any defect in the materials or workmanship, the buyer must contact us in writing within 24 hours from the date of receiving the goods. If the buyer does not contact us within 24 hours, our website disclaims all responsibility for these defects. Also, based on the previously mentioned guarantee, our website does not bear any responsibility in the event of loss or damage resulting from misuse of the product. We also does not assume any responsibility or guarantees regarding product designs. The aforementioned warranty replaces and excludes all other warranties, whether they are express, implied or legal guarantees, such as implicit warranties related to the product’s ability or efficiency.

Compensation and Limitation of Liability:
OOPS SHOES does not assume responsibility for any consequential or accidental loss, damage or expenses resulting directly or indirectly from selling or using the product and dealing with it or any reason associated with that. Whatever the allegations directed to our store, including allegations of non-compliance with the guarantee or negligence, its responsibility is limited to replacing products that do not comply with this agreement, or returning the value of these goods and returning them to the buyer's account as a balance, or coordinating with him\her to replace parts as our website deems appropriate. If OOPS SHOES requests to return the goods to it, the returned shipment will be delivered to our store according to the store's return instructions. Accordingly, the compensation mentioned in this paragraph represents the buyer's sole source against OOPS SHOES if it breaches one of its obligations, whether it is the warranty or any other kind of breach. As long as our store is doing everything in its power to correct any breach of law that may occur, it makes sure that the compensation it provides as mentioned in this clause is satisfactory.

The Choice:
The buyer declares that he purchased the goods for reasons commensurate with the actual or intended use and that he does not depend on the evaluations provided by our website in choosing the appropriate goods or materials or the design of the goods. The buyer also declares that his use of these goods will be within all government laws. The buyer shall bear the responsibility to defend and compensate OOPS SHOES, its inheritors, and the assigned heirs and its affiliates, and bear all damages and costs (including attorneys' fees) and liability arising from real or alleged allegations or any penalties imposed or imposed on our store resulting from any alleged violation of the laws of Or federal, local, or state-of-the-art provisions, legislation, or standards related to a specific state linked to or due to any use of the goods purchased from our website.

This User Agreement is governed and drafted in accordance with the law of the United Kingdom and is fully and completely subject to the legislation in force in the Courts of the United Kingdom.

Language and the corresponding texts - This agreement has been written in the Arabic language, and if there is any dispute, difference in meanings, or inconsistency between the Arabic version and any other translation, then the Arabic version shall prevail.
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