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Return and Exchange Policy

    OOPS SHOES guarantees the buyer in the event that he no longer wants or is not satisfied with the product he ordered and wants to cancel it immediately before starting the shipping process, that he will refund the full amount as a balance My Transactions on our website, without deducting shipping costs from the buyer, but it has to be submit Request a Return immediately before starting the procedures for shipping the product, in addition to writing to us on clarifying the order number to be returned or contact us through the page Contact US.

- The buyer is also guaranteed the replacement process in the event that it is proved that the products had a problem before they were delivered to the shipping company and sent to the buyer, with the same products and the same sizes within only one day after receiving the order, on condition that the product inspection seal and labels (papers and cards) related products are not removed or destroyed.

- In the event that shipping procedures have been started, the buyer can submit Request a Return Within only one day after receiving the order. Thus, the buyer bears the cost of air freight (to and from) for the goods returned to our warehouse in addition to customs clearance fees and taxes, done with a deduction of 30% of the total value of the product plus $40, the remaining amount is refunded to the buyer as credit My Transactions on our website, it can be used for upcoming purchases on website. But first, please make sure that the parts are safe and not damaged within the "return / exchange" conditions shown below.

Terms of "return / exchange":

    To send a form Request a Return within only one day of receiving the order.
    The product must be unused, on condition that the product inspection seal and labels (papers and cards) related products are not removed or destroyed.
    The product must be returned with the original brand box that was sent to you, and with all the papers, stickers ...etc. related to the order.
    * In the event that a return request is submitted by the buyer and the conditions of "return \ exchange" described above are not met, OOPS SHOES will not be obligated to return \ replace the product, and the buyer will bear the cost of shipping the returned product to him in the event of a request to return it to him.  

    We are also pleased to review Terms of Use on our website from time to time, in addition to always reviewing it before confirming the orders.

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